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Private Music Instruction

Qualified Instructors Providing Private Musical Instruction
Guitar, Bass, Mandolin Lessons
Piano Lessons
  1. Music Lessons
    lessons are provided in thirty minute sessions per week by a highly qualified instructor.
  2. Music Lessons
    All Instructors are highly qualified, having a degree in music education or degrees in music performance or are working to obtain their degrees.
  3. Music Lessons
    We offer the opportunity for all students to demonstrate their skills at our optional recital that is provided each semester.

Professional Musicians

We teach you to read music, music theory, and to perform on your instrument.
Key Information about Maryville Music School:
  •  All Instructors have taught privately at least 10 years
  • Instruments offered:  Piano, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin
  •  Instructors have degrees in Music Education and in Music Performance  
  •  Optional recitals for each semester
  •  We also offer music lessons in the comfort of your own home.
Maryville Music School is Blount County's  premier location for music instruction. Our goal is to give our students all of the necessary tools they require to become successful musicians.
If you are interested in instrumental lessons, please contact us today.